Not Ready for in Person training? Join Slay Academy- Group Coaching and Course

Take your business from baby grape- to a fine aged JUST 8 WEEKS! 

It's time, to make your passions wildly profitable! With the exact strategy I used to build my multiple 5 figure months business!

This is the CHEAPEST Full business in a box training I've found on the  market! I wanted it to be affordable to ALL boss babes!

It’s time, boo.
It’s time to stop playing small, and step the fck up.

One Time Payment $397 (Save $53)

What You Get!

-8 Trainings ($600 Value)

- Group Coaching Calls ($1200 Value)

-8 Launch Cheat Sheets and Check Lists ($400 Value)

-1 30 Minute Mini Slay Strategy Session

-My Exact branding strategy and homework!

-Facebook Group Support from myself and my Team!

-Mindset and Manifestation series!



What You Will Master!

-Your Limiting Beliefs- Relief from the shit thats held you back from the success you want.

-Your Confidence, master stepping into your power, and owning your unique gifts!

-Crystal Clear Clarity- Attracting Your Dream Clients!

-Your Mission Statement and Vision.  

-Your Social Media Game!

-Your Organization- Finally FOCUSING!

What You will Create!

- A profitable business, that you are wildly obsessed with!

-A Brand that Screams the REAL YOU!

-A Blueprint for your massively successful launch!

-A Tribe of loyal followers that are dying for your next product/offer!

-An Unshakeable Mindset that is ready to punch fear in the face and crush any obstacle with ease. 

-Bigger Goals than you've ever thought were possible, and the strategy to make them happen!

I Wanna Be a VIP! Only 3 More Spots!

Wanna work 1x1 with a badass business coach, but aren't ready for a 6 month $1400/mo Commitment? This is the ONLY way to work with me 1x1 right now!

VIP 1 Time Payment (Save $53)

You'll Get Everything above, but get to work with me at a HUGE Discounted rate! We Will develop your sales/marketing strategy.  Get down to the bottom of your income blocks, and create Your social media game plan for 2018!

I wanna Be a VIP, but Let's do a payment plan!

ALL THE PERKS INCLUDED, but a more flexible way to pay!  Start today for just $250, then 2 more monthly Payments of $250!

You Are SO Done Playing Small.

You Know you can have more. You see other people with the success you want, but you've just been too afraid to fail, look silly, or waste your time or money. You just need a safety net, to help you sort it all out! But on a small business budget!

It's time to cut the crap, step into your full fcking power, and supercharge your business launch plan with the power of unicorn rocket fuel, babe.

Slay your mindset and your biz in this 8-week Mastermind for the female entrepreneur who is ready to go BIG.

You'll learn how to:

Get real fckn clear on how to serve your ideal client
Brand like a boss --your soul online.
Perfect your product/service
Create the passive income stream of your dreams
Slay your social media marketing game
Own your content --create irresistible opt-in offers your ideal clients can't resist
and more!

Ready to finally create the life and biz of your dreams? Let me be your guide, babe.

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