Are you like I was?

Do you ever find yourself saying... "Why does this shit always happen to me?" or  "When will they finally appreciate me?"

Do you have a hard time asking for the promotion, or feeling like you aren't good enough to raise your prices, find the man of your dreams, or promote the side hustle you've been thinking about?

Do you catch yourself wondering "what will she think if I do xyz?"  

Do you shrink yourself to make others feel better?

Are you feeling disappointed in your resolutions from last year that you didn't stick with?

Are you READY AF to make your dream life actually happen for you this time?!





Get clear on what you want.  Identify all of the things standing in between you and those desires! Remove blocks standing in your way. Build a Strategy to Get Rid of the things holding you back that you can control!


WEALTH BUILDING- Worth and wealth are two sides of the same coin.  In this module we will go deep into your subconscious beliefs holding you back,  you will learn how to ask for you want... you will set up check points for yourself to make sure you get them in a timely manner!


Celebrate your worth by building a support system to help you with your vision along the way! In this module we will identify your support system, learn how attract the right mentors, visionaries, sisters, and partners... and set up routine for self love and care for a year of abundance!

What Do You Get?

+A Private Facebook Group and access to ask The Slay Coach anything for 4 weeks! ($500 Value for this coaching experience)

+Accountability buddies to make sure you finish the program!

+4 Course modules (1 recorded live as group coaching experience)! ($500 Value)

+Journal prompts/homework included to help you reach your goals for the year! ($250 Value)


I charge $50,000/year for my private coaching... I have courses from $500-$1500, and I wanted to create something that would be able to help all women of all backgrounds get exactly what they want in life! And to be brave enough to ask for it!  These skills will change your life, relationships, and income earning potential 10x!  


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